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Contemporary British Art: Annual Exhibition 2017

by dorelia evans February 28, 2017

Contemporary British Art: Annual Exhibition 2017

cover image: Autumn ResplendentChristopher Firmstone

Showing February 8th - March 12th 2017.

15 artists: Kitt Allsopp, Sharon Beavan, Nicholas Borden, Sarah Cawkwell, Christopher Firmstone, Marc Gooderham, Elizabeth Haines, Dani Humberstone, Diana Kerswell, Lucinda Oestreicher, Eric Rimmington, Terry Scales, Frank Stanton, Joan Stanton and Giles Winter.

A full catalogue of works can be found here. Please feel free to contact as with any further inquires. 


Our annual collaborative show features an eclectic mix of UK artists, who each deal sensitively with the significance of individual experience, and work through the grounds of realism and abstraction. The exhibition creates a tapestry of perspectives; some pieces zoom in to focus on the minute details and the microscopic, whilst others zoom out to capture, in a moment, a view of the everyday in full frame.  


The Centre Cannot Hold, 2005, pencil, 24.5 x 23cm, Sarah Cawkwell


These snapshots are strung around you as you stand in the bright white gallery of the Millinery work's back room, creating a web that celebrates the distinguishing attributes that contribute to the tradition of British Art - between the muted earthy tones used by Terry Scales to capture the colour that lingers about the exteriors of the Thames, and Sharon Beavan’s armageddon of fiction hungry customers; the sensitivity of Diana Kerswell's landscapes, and  Eric Rimmington’s London Underground series exploring the innards of London and the people who momentarily inhabit them. 

Each artist is given a space free of any conceptual or stringent agenda - it is an exhibition that unashamedly provides a platform for contemporary art.


Revenge, Bookshop Series, oil on canvas, 90 x 71cm, Sharon Beavan


Corner, 2010, oil on linen canvas, 46 x 41, Eric Rimmington


Out from Deptford Creek, Terry Scales
Trees, Chatsworth Park II, Diana Kerswell
Our “Contemporary British Art” will run until the 12th March 2017 - A full catalogue of works can be found here. Please feel free to contact as with any further inquires.






dorelia evans
dorelia evans


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