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40 x 40 x 40: June 2010

by dorelia evans June 01, 2010

40 x 40 x 40: June 2010

About the Exhibition:

40 selected artists are given the chance to show three of their works, each of these works measuring no more than 40 x 40 (cm).

This is an exhibition we run twice a year, featuring the works of selected artist: see below for June 2010 series.



40 x 40 x 40: June 2010

(all measurements are in centimetres height by width.)


 KIT ALLSOPP - "Chiltern Thicket"

"Chiltern Thicket" oil on canvas 30cm x 40cm 

Kit is Emeritus Professor of Architecture at London South Bank University and a painter. He was Tutor in Architecture and Design Studies at the Royal College of Art 1985-90 and Professor of Architecture at the University of Manchester 1989-98. He was also a founding partner of an award winning architectural practice, which published and exhibited widely from 1970-2007.

Since 2007 Kit has concentrated on painting and has had two successful solo exhibitions. The first, Just Sheds’, took place in 2008 at the "The Gallery", Cowcross Street - this reflected a long fascination with simple architectural forms. His second titled ‘Trees’ took place in 2009 after a year long recording of woodlands in the Chiltern Hills, which may be threatened by climate change.



SHARON BEAVAN  - "White Dog"
'White Dog’ oil on canvas 20 x 25.5, by Sharon Beavan.


The paintings Sharon has chosen to show at the Millinery Works represent her interest in landscapes, cities and their inhabitants.



SIR PETER BLAKE  - 'I Love You'  
‘I Love You’, screen print artist’s proof 18/18 82 x 60 by Sir Peter Blake





  ‘Rapunzel’ pearwood 38.5 high by Sarah Cawkwell.
The Millinery Works exhibited a range of Sarah Cawkwell's work in 2009, and again in 2013: click here to see more of her work.

ROSEMARY CLUNIE - ‘Energy Descending’  

‘Energy Descending’ acrylic on paper 23 x 16, by Rosemary Clunie

‘An artist of mood and form and meditation.’(Ben Okri). Rosemary Clunie is a painter, printmaker and video artist. She has exhibited at the World Economic Forum in Davos amongst other places. She was born in Scotland and lives in Hampstead.



WILLIAM CUTTS - 'Kingsbridge Estuary'

  'Kingsbridge Estuary' oil on board 18 x 25.5, by William Cutts.





'Diver' bronze edition of 9 22cm max height. by Sophie Dickens.





DAVID EDMOND - 'The Teacup Baby'

'The Teacup Baby' oil on canvas 31 X 31, by David Edmond.

David is a designer and painter. He holds a BA in furniture design and MPhil in Printed Textile Design from the Royal College of Art. He has worked and sold designs across Europe, the USA and recent paintings use classical traditions in formal studies but undermined through language and its relationship with humour as social commentary. ‘I am using the conventions and the tradition of symbolism in still life painting to create painted images which I hope comment on and reflect contemporary social issues and dilemmas with humour’.





'Salute' acrylic on paper 23 x 29, by Chistopher Firmstone.

Travel abroad continues to stimulate this artist, who has recently been to Venice. Looking beyond the vastly increased number of visitors, he ‘rediscovered the watery majesty and quirky elegance’ of the city he last saw over thirty years ago.

 The Millinery Works exhibited a range of Sarah Cawkwell's work in 2009, and again in 2013: click here to see more of his work.



dorelia evans
dorelia evans


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