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Contemporary British Art 2017

by Brian Thompson April 14, 2017

Contemporary British Art 2017

Contemporary BRITISH ART 2017 showing the works of 15 artists
The exhibition opens Wednesday 8 February & closes Sunday 12 March 2017
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 6pm, Sunday 12 to 5pm
 Email for further details
The artists include:
Based in North London and born in 1941, Kit is a retired Architect and artist.
He is exhibiting 3 of his river paintings:
Bridge River Tone Somerset, oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm
River Tone Somerset no 25, oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm
River Tone Somerset no 11, oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm

Born in London in 1956 artist Sharon now lives and works from her home in Devon. She is a tutor at The Prince’s Drawing School in London. Sharon is exhibiting a series of paintings she did following the experience of working in a popular art shop in North London

Christmas, Bookshop Series, oil on canvas, 90 x 71cm framed
Revenge, Bookshop Series, oil on canvas, 90 x 71cm framed
Waiting to Pay, Bookshop Series, oil on canvas, 90 x 71cm framed
Questions, Bookshop Series, oil on canvas, 90 x 71cm framed
Queue, Bookshop Series, oil on canvas, 90 x 71cm framed
It is not unusual to find London based artist Nicholas Borden with his easel set up in some of the familiar London sites remarkably painting what he sees directly on to canvas. Nicholas studied at the RCA between 2000 and 2002. He is showing:

Summer, Victoria Park,  oil on canvas, 30 x 42cm

Upper Street St Mary's, oil on canvas, 60 x 50cm

Waterloo Place, Lower Regent Street, oil on canvas, 30 x 60 
Waterloo Sunset, oil on canvas, 50 x 60cm
London-based artist Sarah who gained her degree in fine art from Central School of Art & Design is exhibiting some of her drawings examining form and pattern through needlework.
Eye of the Needle 2004, pencil, 38.5 x 28.5cm
One Ounce 2010, pencil & wash, 21.5 x 21.5cm
Shrinkage 2011, pencil, wool & khadi paper, 30 x 21cm
The Centre Cannot Hold 2005, pencil, 24.5 x 23cm
The second of our retired architect artists, Christopher is currently living in the West Midlands where he continues his passion for painting. He is exhibiting:
Autumn Resplendent
Awaiting the Event
Comrade Struck Down
 Parliament's Other Tower
Born in 1977, Marc studied illustration at the University of Westminster and now lives and paints in London concentrating his work on the city's decaying, unique architecture
He says "Desolate buildings, with their peeling paint, numberless front doors, and glimpses into empty rooms through uncurtained windows, naturally evoke a loneliness inherent in any large city."
 Borough Market, pastel on paper, 58x58cm unframed
Electric Blue, pastel on paper, 40x64cm unframed
Winter Night, Spitalfields, pastel on paper, 53.5x65.5cm unframed
The Tavern, pastel on paper, 26x34cm unframed
After training as an illustrator at Brighton College of Art, Elizabeth moved to Pembrokeshire in 1968. Since then she has worked as a painter, illustrator, teacher and writer. She admires the early 20th century European painters such as Klee and Kandinsky and the British School, including Palmer, Hitchens, the St Ives painters and the Scottish colourists.


Grange, Larceau, oils 25.5 x 20cm

Larceau, oils, 25.5 x 20cm

November Morning, Preseli,  oils, 30.5 x 25.5cm



Born in London in 1965  currently living in East Sussex, Dani  free-lanced as a graphic designer and book illustrator and has written two books on basic abstract painting. She is currently the Chairman of The September Art Exhibition. 

Cerulean Blue Hue, 2016

Luna Phase 2 : Narcissus, 2016

Two Tarts, 2016

Yellow Pomegranate, 2015



Diana studied Fine Art as a mature student at a London college before moving to Derbyshire where she is inspired by the topography of the Peak District. Her work also embraces prehistoric sites, and industrial history, changing seasons as well as landscape in general. 

Trees, Chartworth Park

Trees, Chatsworth Park II



Lucinda studied at Hornsey College of Art, Bath Academy of Art, and Central School of Art before complete her postgraduate course at The Slade School of Art. She is best known for her paintings, prints and sculptures inspired by dwellings - houses, barns, sheds and shelters, from a thatched barn in Sussex to a shepherd's hut in the Pyrenees.

French Tower, oil on board, 60 x 40cm

Thatch (Dartmoor), oil on board, 40 x 60cm
Whitstable Orange, oil on board, 60 x 40cm
Born in 1926 Eric Rimmington is known for his London series of paintings as well as for still lifes. In 2006 he was awarded the ING Discerning Eye Purchase Prize.
Bench, 2008, oil on linen canvas, 25.5 x 30.5cm
Corner, 2010, oil on linen canvas, 46 x 41cm
Déchirage, 2009, oil on linen canvas, 30.5 x 30.5cm
Shell, 2010, oil on linen canvas, 40.6 x 35.6cm
Terry Scales  was born in Rotherhithe, South London. This early background created a deep affection for London's River. He exhibited his first painting alongside David Bomberg at the age of 16, and since then has shown continuously in mixed shows with the English and Scottish Arts Council, The Royal Academy, English Heritage and many other leading galleries.
Butlers Wharf, Shad Thames, oil on canvas, 51 x 40cm
Chelsea Reach, oil on panel, 61 x 76cm
Out from Deptford Creek, oil on panel,40 x 49.5cm
Rising Mist Deptford Creek, oil on canvas, 61 x 76cm
Born in South London, Frank studied art at The Slade School of Fine Art and theatre design under the direction of Robert Medley. Throughout his career he has combined painting, teaching and designing for the theatre.
No. 21, gouache on paper, 24 x 37cm
No. 23, gouache on paper, 24 x 37cm
No. 22, gouache on paper, 24 x 37cm
No. 24, gouache on paper, 24 x 37cm
Like her brother, Frank, Joan now lives in North London and took up teaching art having trained at the Chelsea School of Art where she learnt the importance of drawing.
Behind the House, pastel, 36 x 26cm
Fallen Leaves, pastel, 32 x 24cm
Leaves on the Grass, pastel, 52 x 27.5cm
Vines, watercolour, 49 x 37.5cm
Born in Gravesend Kent now living in Islington, Giles was taught art in Cheltenham where he made several paintings of the city's cafés and restaurants. He taught art & design in a South London school. 
Aberdeen Road
Balfour Road
Nightfall in Autumn
The Night Prowler

Brian Thompson
Brian Thompson


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