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Cecily Sash

Cecily Sash was born in South Africa 1924, but fled her homeland in 1974 due to the ‘climate of repression and conflict … so keenly felt by those who found apartheid abhorrent and stifling’. Her pieces, of needle etched charchol and pastel on paper, give a voice to the culture she was forced to leave behind, allowing her to work through her experience of exile. This is one reason (of many) that she has become one of the most popular artists and educationalists in South Africa; after her first one-man exhibition in Johannesburg in 1954, she went on to show in most centres of South Africa in the years 1958 — 1990.  

Cecily Sash had two exhibitions at the Millinery Works Gallery, one in 2002 (see above) followed by a retrospective in 2004. Other various group shows she has taken part in span South Africa and Europe, including: The Venice Biennale, 2004-05, the South African Academy 1946, and in Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice with the Amadlozi Group exhibits 1963-64.  View our catalogue here