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John Bratby

John Bratby, described by critics and admires as one of Britain's post-war "Angry Young Men" or enfant terrible, worked his mischievous manner - complete with aggressive brush strokes - through the British Art scene of the fifties and sixties. Titles  ‘Look Back in Anger’, ‘Room at the Top’, ‘Billy Liar’ etc., echoing the well-known films and plays of the era, are served up in the same brazen breath as his works titled 'The Toilet', 'Milk Bottles', 'Back Garden' etc. - it is this wide range of subject matter that earned him a place as one of the most prolific Kitchen Sinkpainters of the era; Yes. I may paint your portrait - he appears to say - but don't go thinking you're any more important than those  milk bottles over there. 

The Millinery Works had the honour of hosting a retrospective of Bratby's work in 2002, of which a selection of the featured works are shown below. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.