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Kathleen Paenson

"I go to Christies and buy old Masters, but looking at these, I wonder why I do" 

Sir Kenneth Clark, of Kathleen's drawings. 

In 1944, Kathleen Peanson won scholarships for both the Royal Academy, and the Slade school of Fine Art. Choosing the place at the Slade, she studied at the school in London for a total of four years, at the end of which she had three painting exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (1948). This became common occurrence, with her work appearing at the RA in 1949 and 1953. 

Condemned to many years of an unhappy and violent marriage from 1958 , Paenson's  art work was slowed, at points slugging to a near standstill. By the time she had gained the courage to leave her marriage, she had lost the courage to show her work publicly, keeping her past paintings and drawings hidden under her carpets and rolled up in corners of her house. As a result of this, many of her works have only been exhibited on rare occasion; an honour of which the Millinery Works had in March 2005.